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Memories of Liberia Plantation by P. Buckley Moss
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Memories of Liberia Plantation by P. Buckley Moss

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Memories of Liberia Plantation by famed artist P. Buckley Moss. Print is a limited edition, signed by the artist and numbered. Measures 9 by 7 1/4 inches.
In 1825 Harriett Bladen Mitchell Weir and her husband William James Weir built the house that would become known as Liberia. By July Liberia was pressed into service as the headquarters for General P. G. T. Beauregard, CSA and some reports also record its use as a hospital and "death house" after the Battle of First Manassas. Despite the hardships the family suffered during the months of military occupation, they continued to live at Liberia until March of 1862 when the advance of Union troops forced them to flee south. The house, left in the care of trusted slaves, became the military headquarters of General Irvin McDowell, USA. By the end of the Civil War, Liberia was one of the few significant structures to remain standing on the plains of Manassas.


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