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SB Yes'M
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It is 1950 in rural Virginia when Samantha Lee is born into an upper middle class white family in a
town divided along racial lines by both railroad tracks and philosophies. As the baby arrives home, she is welcomed into the arms of Pearl, the God-fearing, uneducated black hired help who will eventually become Sammie’s confidant, ally, and teacher of life’s greatest lessons.

As Sammie matures through the tumultuous 1960s, Pearl makes it her personal mission to deter the
girl from a predetermined life of self-importance and bigotry. After Sammie’s mother takes a job, Pearl becomes the mother figure in her life, nursing her through illness, teaching her Bible lessons, and sharing life stories. But as the little girl and her caretaker bond, they both struggle with the tension between their love for each other and their obligations. Nine years later, as the nation battles to achieve civil rights, Sammie and Pearl find themselves in very different places in the same small town.

“Yes’m” is a story of hope, trust, wisdom, reconciliation, and respect as a black maid and her white
charge share the winds of historical change.


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